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Aerial Photography

DTV Productions strive to provide its clients a unique perspective through their images. Aerial photography literally does take your shots to the next level.

Helicopter Photography

We have easy access to specially designed helicopters ideal for filming high shots of skylines and landmarks. These shots can be used for online promotional videos on the lead up to an event to give it an edge over competition. We have recently completed a project that required helicopter support for dramatic shots across London for an event promo advertisement. Some of these shots can be see below.

Ideal Uses:
- High Shots Of A Specific Event Area;
- Landmarks

- Significant Buildings or Structures;
- Cutting Edge Photographs;
- Event Promotional Videos.

Drone Photography

Thanks to latest enhancements, we can now shoot with fully customised drones that are adapted to hold our cameras and are capable of up to 4k resolution. The advantage of drones is that they can go where helicopters can't. They can fly low to the ground and legally fly up to 400ft.

Our drones also have full facilities to view the images live from the ground whilst still in the air so clients can direct what shots they want. We are CAA certified Operational Authorisation holders (previously known as PfCO) and are fully insured to operate. We will safely and legally provide you with a unique and dynamic view of your event or project.

Ideal Uses:
- Low To Ground Shots (but no higher than 400ft);
- Unique Perspective Photographs;
- Promotional Shots;

- Event Promotional Photography;
- Specific Building Photography.

Aerial Photography
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Aerial photography can really set your photos apart from the rest. Give us a call to discuss your requirements. To see samples of what we can achieve, please check out some of our work below...

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Event Filming
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