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DTV Productions will take care of all your audio visual needs for your meeting or function. We can supply professional P.A. Systems and large screen technology so everyone can see and hear everything!

Public Address is a must have for any corporate or private function. It makes sense to enable everyone attending your event to be able to hear what is being said.


DTV Productions can provide Public Address Systems for meetings, large conferences and even concerts. A dedicated sound mixer will ensure that the microphones are mixed at the right time to allow everyone to air their views. Music can also be played during the event where needed.


We use radio microphones so that the presenter is free to roam around the venue without any wires trailing behind. Powerful amplifiers and speaker systems are used to allow us to be at the right volume even in the largest of venues.


We can offer the facility to record the event if this is part of your requirements. This is a great way to archive an important meeting or special one off event. Current formats for recording include CD, giving you unrivalled crystal clear quality.


Our big screen technology can be utilised to show images, video, text and graphics creating a professional looking presentation to your function. We can also supply specialist effects lighting to create the mood you are striving to create.

Would you like live video feeds to the screens so everyone can see close up? We can help by providing on-site living mixing and professional cameras, which can also record at the same time. Get in touch to discuss your exact requirements.

If you would like to know more about our Audio Visual Services, please contact us on 020 8851 2884.

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