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If you are in the stages of planning a public event, sporting event or corporate event, please allow us to introduce ourselves.

DTV Photography is the complete solution to all your photographic requirements. Using the latest professional kit, our team of professional photographers and photo editors are here to help you capture those all important moments and make a photographic record of your successful event. We can work seamlessly with your team and will always be fully unobtrusively to your staff and visitors.

Having worked on many major scale projects for councils and businesses, we are well practiced in being in the right place at the right time. However big your event is, we can provide the right level of coverage. We can even edit photos live on site if you need them in a hurry for publications or press.

Our specialist camera team can assist wherever you need cameras. Our past projects include underwater, airborne, aerial shots and on-vehicle cameras. Photos and images can be provided to you in print or digital formats very quickly after the event (ideal for publications and social media platforms).

Our ever expanding portfolio of clients and events lead us to shooting under many different kinds of situations and circumstances, so please get in touch to discuss your requirements. Over the past year, we have been involved with many high profile public events organised by councils and companies. Some of which have spanned across numerous days and sites across London, involving photographers being deployed in all different directions. We was also involved in the biggest event in London since 2012.

Photography Services
Sports Photography


With most special sporting events, you often get one chance to capture it perfectly as they only happen once. Using professional photo equipment and with an eye to detail, we can create a finished digital album of your event which can be kept to look back at in years to come. 

Special Event Photography


Here at DTV Productions we have photographed a vast array of live events ranging from small gatherings, to large scale productions. We project manage the whole photographic side of things from first preparations, through the event itself and right up to delivery of your finished images. 

Corporate Photography


DTV Photography can provide full photo facilities for your corporate or promotional event. Whether you require a single photographer or a multi operator setup, we can help. We will supply your high quality images on any digital format you require.

Promotional Photography


If you are in the stages of planning a promotional shoot, look no further! We will work with you every step of the way to ensure we capture your subject from every angle! Your high quality images can be supplied on a vast array of digital formats, subject to your requirements.  


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