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DTV Productions can provide full video facilities for your corporate or promotional event. Whether you require a single camera setup or a multi camera setup with live on site edit facilities, we can help. We can even project live images onto big screen if your event is being held in a large venue.


Our approach to filming live events has led us to holding rolling contracts with organisations such as the London Borough of Bromley. This involved a large setup at each conference with a variety of different camera angles edited live on site with a dedicated speaker system that enabled everyone in attendance to hear the presenters. Many corporate productions often require many copies of the event. This is also not a problem. In the past we have been required to make hundreds of copies of the same production. This is all carried out with our in-house duplication equipment.


We offer a fully project managed service from the initial consultation, through the recording process, right up to delivery of your finished video. Currently we are producing on a number of different formats, mainly including DVD, Blu-Ray and digital file. Usually there are two main categories that organisations ask us for. Audio via loudspeakers (PA System) or a video recording of the function. Here at DTV we can provide both.


First of all, we can record meetings and events. A typical day includes:


On the day we will arrive at the venue a few hours before the start time to set up our equipment. We will use as many cameras as required and often have an on site edit kit which means that we can edit the video 'live' (see our equipment page for more information on this). Once the day has come to a close, we will bring the recording back to the studios and add menus and titles, etc. Once this has been completed, we will create any copies that you have requested. We then, within a two week turnaround, deliver your finished production to your desired address.


Secondly, we can make peoples' voices heard. We use high powered public address (PA) equipment and speakers to ensure everyone gets the message loud and clear. After the event, we can produce everything that has been said in crystal clear sound on CD or any other preferred format (see our Audio Visual page for more details on this).

If you would like to know more about our Corporate Event Filming Services, please contact us on 020 8851 2884.

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