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As no event is ever that same as the last one, our services offer a large range of options completely tailored to your event.

Our Services Include:

- Bespoke photo packages for councils, public & music events;

- Working seamlessly with your production team;

- Photo editing and manipulation for cutting edge photographs;

- Professional on-site photographers with equipment to match;

- Specialist camera shoots including underwater & on-vehicle;
- Our own in-house photographers for Sporting & Public, Corporate & Promo Events;
- Ultra high resolution images and photos ideal for media applications, prints and social media feeds;
- Aerial shoots using helicopters and drones (see our dedicated page for this);

The Technical Bit...

At DTV Photography, using the latest professional equipment allows us to fully control what the cameras are doing at all times, ensuring that we are capturing how the photographer is seeing it, and not letting the cameras make all the important decisions.

We utilise a broad expanse of equipment and are always heavily investing in only the best pieces of kit. The main brand names we use include Nikon, GoPro & DJI Innovations. Our equipment bags also have large selections of lenses of all shapes and sizes, flashguns and every accessory imaginable.

DTV Photography


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