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DTV Productions is an independently run business providing high quality video productions onto a variety of formats ranging from DVD, to Blu-Ray, to digital file ready to be uploaded onto social media.


If you are holding a sporting event, a corporate event, organising a special event or any other kind of event, let us capture it for you. We can record your event in a professional and unobtrusive way that is required to make a polished production. Our dynamic approach to filming has led us to capturing events ranging from sporting events, corporate events, promotional videos and special events. These, however, are just the tip of the ice burg. Parachute jumping, sports events, stage productions and birthday parties all make up our portfolio, plus a whole lot more.


As technology develops, we like to be at the forefront. We record in full High Definition & 4K giving a whole new dimension to our productions. Picture quality and sound is so sharp and crisp. We may film a completely different event from one week to the next but they all have one thing in common. They are produced with the highest quality equipment available. Not leaving any stone unturned, each and every film includes the meticulous planning and background work needed to meet your exact requirements.​ Our coverage area mainly includes Kent, Surrey, Sussex & London, but we have been as far as Ireland to film so really there are no boundaries.​

Video Production Kent.jpg
Football Filming.jpg


With most special sporting events, you often get one chance to capture it perfectly as they only happen once. Using professional production equipment and with an eye to detail, we can create a finished DVD/Blu-Ray disc of your event which can be kept to look back at in years to come. 

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Special Event Filming


Here at DTV Productions we have filmed and produced many of the events listed above and many more. We project manage the whole filming side from first preparations, through the filming stage and right up to delivery of your finished production. 

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Corporate Event Filming


DTV Productions can provide full video facilities for your corporate or promotional event. Whether you require a single camera setup or a multi camera setup with live on site edit facilities, we can help. We can even project live images onto big screen if your event is being held in a large venue. 

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Your production can be used on your website, or we can produce it onto DVD or blu-ray. Many corporate promotional videos often require many copies. This is not a problem. In the past we have been required to make hundreds of copies of the same production. 

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